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Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada


Notice: For clients of all Newcomer Programs. Please ensure that you bring proper identification (PR card, landing papers, citizenship cards) upon your initial visit to our centre.​

For new Canadians 18+ with:​ waLanded Immigrant or Conventional Refugee Status

- Get support from friendly, experienced instructors to improve how YOU communicate with   others in English. 

Learn Skills in: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing 



​Get to know your neighbourhood, communicate and make new friends

LIN​C Classes Aims to:

- Help YOU improve your self confidence by using English in daily life activities

- Ease newcomers' settlement and integration into Canadian Culture

- Improve YOUR skills to get better jobs and adapt to the Canadian Workplace Culture

- Help YOU pass your Citizenship Test! 

- Get YOU comfortable with computers

What DBNC LINC Can Offer YOU:

- Classes for Benchmarks 1 to 8


- FREE care for children (children ages 6 months – 6 years)

- FREE bus tickets (for students who qualify)

- Senior Classes in Russian and Chinese (must be 60+)

- Citizenship Preparation Classes (must have Benchmark 4 in Listening and Speaking)

- Speaking Classes

- Pronunciation Classes

- Writing Classes 

- Enhanced Language Training CLasses (ELT) with Workplace Training

 Class Schedule Break Down:

Full-time Classes: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 2:30pm

Part-time Classes (2 Days a Week): Monday to Friday 

                                                             Morning: 9:00am to 12:00

                                                             Afternoon: 12:30pm to 3:30pm

                                                             Evening: 6:30pm to 9:30pm 

Saturday Classes: 9:00am to 1:00pm

How to Get Registered?

Call: (905) 629-1873 x250 and ask for Joyce

Come in Person: 3650 Dixie Road, Unit 103, Mississauga, ON L4Y 3V9 

                             (inside the Burnhamthorpe Library Building)


Classes Locations:
Map of LINC locations​​


Reviews from Students:

​​student1.JPGI came to Canada from Colombia in 2013, almost one year ago with my husband and my two children. Since we arrive to Toronto we have received a guide to learn about the life in this country. We would like to say "thank you", especially to Dixie Bloor Neighborhood, because during these months they have been helping us and teaching us English.

We believe that the biggest challenge is to learn the English language fast, because the capacity to communicate is fundamental in the integration process in Canada. We are conscious that the knowledge of English also increases the changes of finding better opportunities for education and employment.

A place as Dixie Bloor Neighborhood has been for us a great support in this process. This place has helped us to integrate our children into this multicultural society with programs as Kids Fun Club where our children took their first step with the knowledge of English as second language and new cultures; additionally this program allows us to continue studying English in periods of time as summer vacations and March break. This is the best example of the help that we need.

The immigrant women and men need to believe in themselves and in their skills. Also the knowledge of good English is the best tool that they can to give us, and we are sure that Canada illustrates high values for our families.

Thank you

Aura ​

student2.JPGMy name is Li. I study English at LINC class. I 'm a photographer. I think the LINC program is very important for new comers who can't speak English.

When I came to Canada, I didn't understand English completely. I started to learn English from level1 in LINC class. After learning English 8 months. My English has improved. I can speak some simple English now.

I want to say thanks to LINC teachers. I want to say thanks to LINC program. Now I'm learning English in level4.I wish I could finish level7 in LINC.I will study hard every day. If I finish level7, I hope I can work as a photographer.


The LINC program helps me understand English when speaking and reading English , I`m not embarrassed When I go out and speak with people, and go shopping or take a bus and do something on my own.

And here English is useful in Canada , Everybody have to knowledge English.

I do like The LINC program. I can learn how to write and read English, and how to pronounce correctly.
And i can meet new friends classmates. The teachers are helpful, I have fun and enjoy class. Now I`m can understand when the people speaking each other and i can writing English .

 I`m from Thailand I worked at a Hotel, in Thailand. I was a Receptionist, My long term goal in Canada is to find a job when I improve English.

Thank you & Best Regards 





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