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Occasional Child Care Program (OCC)

Occasional Child Care (OCC) supports the Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre’s goal of serving as many families as possible by removing a major barrier, child care.  Children are in care on site while parents are attending to settlement/employment needs.  Services are during the day and in the evenings in a variety of spaces that are usually used for other purposes, such as: in schools, community centres and libraries…

Our Occasional Child Care Philosophy is:Occasional_Child_Care-mobile_unit_-before

“Children need to have ample time to explore the world around them and be provided with structured activities geared to their age and stage of development”.
The Occasional Child Care is run by Registered Early Childhood Educators trained in First Aid and CPR, and follows the CMAS criteria and safety requirements.

Registered Early Childhood Educators are skilled in setting up and closing down an environment for children every time OCC is provided; are flexible enough to meet varying situations; and, can accommodate unpredictable numbers and ages of children.

We believe that children (19 months -13 years old) have the opportunity to explore and develop in a caring, safe and stimulating environment. The program provides activities that foster creativity, curiosity, independence, interaction, communication and respect for others.


“I wanted to write and say thank you so much for taking care of our children. You both went above and beyond the call of duty and my wife and I cannot begin to express our gratitude. Thank you also for all the little presents you gave to them, they are now pretending to be Mirjana and Cindy when they play at home. “

I would really like to thank both of you for all the support you have given me. It really feels nice when you are very new to the country and that someone like both of you have gone out of your way to help me.
My daughter was very happy for she could enjoy your company and played all day.
I'll definitely tell my friend to call you first