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The birth of a baby or an adoption brings physical, emotional and social changes. Adjustments to the new roles and relationships are not always easy. We invite you to join a parents/caregivers’ support group, where parents/caregivers can share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment and learn strategies to help cope during this special time of changes.

(Age group birth to 12months)

To attend the program, you do not need to pre-register in advance as we offer drop-in. Please bring a pair of indoor shoes or socks for each family member to change into before entering the program room.

The programs are designed to promote adult-child interactions.  Parents/caregivers are trusted with the care of their children, if they need to step out of the program area, they can either bring their child with them or they can ask another caregiver to mind the child/children until they return to the program.

Looking forward to seeing you in-person!

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