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The Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Drop-In Centre (DBNC), was founded in 1988 by concerned members of the community to enhance the quality of life of those residing in the Dixie Bloor area.

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Your Rights and Responsibilities

You have the RIGHT to: 1. Access services as it benefits you and your family 2. Be informed of advantages and risks of proposed services 3. Receive or decline services 4. Know that the information that you share with us is private and will be kept confidential 5. Access information in your client file at any time. 6. Express your thoughts and opinions and/or concerns about the services we provide 7. Be recognized as a unique individual with strengths, knowledge and life experiences that demands respect and dignity 8. Set the direction in developing goals and determining the type of services delivery that meets your family needs 9. Know the process of making a formal complaint You have the RESPONSIBILITY to: 1. Provide consent for services 2. Make informed decisions 3. Decide whom we share your information with 4. Tell us what you and your family need 5. Express yourself in a way that helps you get what you need, while being respectful of others 6. Participate as an active team member 7. Ask questions and ask for help when needed 8. Let us know if you are unhappy with our services