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EarlyON is a high-quality, free drop-in child and family program that supports early learning and development for families with children from birth to 6 years old. It offers a range of programs that support children’s early literacy and numeracy development as well as their physical, social and emotional development.

Fostering healthy relationships with children and their families is very important at the EarlyON. The programs are designed to promote adult-child interactions. Parents/caregivers are trusted with the care of their children, if they need to step out of the program area, they can either bring their child with them or they can ask another caregiver to mind the child/children until they return to the program.

EarlyON Child and Family programs are offered in accordance with provincial health and safety direction.

EarlyON services include indoor, outdoor programs, virtual adult and child programs.

Families participate in programs that:

  • Help strengthen adult-child relationships
  • Provide support to families
  • Nurture a community of learners
  • Provide safe, enriched learning environments for your child to play and socialize

Play Based Learning

Play is one of the important elements in healthy child developments through which young children gain essential knowledge and skills. Children are naturally motivated to play. During play, children use all of their senses, express their thoughts and emotions, explore the environment and make sense of the world around them.

A play-based programs builds on this motivation, using play as a context for learning where children can explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways.

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Our Mission

We are committed to supporting families with young children and nurture early learning and healthy child development by building strong connections, facilitating access to services and by providing high quality child and family centered opportunities for engaged learning in the context of an inclusive environment.

Our Vision

Children (birth to six) and their families thrive and learn in the context of caring relationships and in a community dedicated to ensuring they reach their full potential.

Our Philosophy

Fostering growth through a solid foundation of core beliefs and values.

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Families: All families have strengths, and celebrating these strengths can help families feel safe and engaged by creating a sense of belonging

Children: “Every child deserves to have someone’s eyes light up when they enter the room” – Jean Clinton, 2012

Environment: The environment as “the third teacher” supports the learning, development, and well-being of children

Pedagogy: Pedagogy is about how learning happens. Learning happens in the context of the relationship.

Educators: Educators are competent, capable, curious and rich in experience.

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Learn more about EarlyON

EarlyON Child and Family Centres in Peel offer free, high-quality, drop-in programs for families with children 6 and under. Watch to learn more or visit http://www.peelregion.ca/children or http://www.infopeel.ca

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Health and Safety

The health and safety of families is priority at DBNC. Provincial health and safety guidelines are followed.

Effective cleaning and sanitizing are done regularly by identifying areas and items to be cleaned.

Shared items and high touch surfaces can be sources for spread of infection, we count on your partnership. Observing good Health and Safety practices is the responsibility of every member of the EarlyON community.

Thank you for your collaboration in keeping our shared space safe.

Covid-19 Resources:
How does COVID-19 relate to child development?

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Our Partners

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