EarlyON Programs

We believe in the process of learning in the context of relationships and the potential of all learners to construct, challenge and expand the world around them.

Choose child-adult interactive programs or focused adult-based programs to increase confidence with parenting, understanding child behavior, while building your own network of support.

Programs and services can be accessed in-person indoor, outdoor or virtually.

Join in engaging experiences such as literacy, art, and creative movement; learn through play and connections with other families and professionals in your community.

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Find The Right Program For You

DBNC EarlyON programs offer blended service program delivery and you can choose to visit each and every program, find programs that best suit your family needs:



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Join DBNC EarlyON Parenting Community

Engage in and experience parenting/caregiving alongside gentle, wise, and generous caregivers.

EarlyON centres offer a range of free online and in-person programs, for parents/caregivers who support the early learning and development of children aged 6 years and under.

EarlyON professionals are ready to support your parenting journey, share safe, welcoming play-based learning spaces and helpful resources with expecting new, and experienced parents and caregivers.

DBNC EarlyON team invites you to:

  • Access online and in-person programs and services
  • Build community with other parents/caregivers
  • Be heard and accepted
  • Boost your confidence and a parent/caregiver
  • Share strategies and stories
  • Talk to parents/caregivers with children of similar age
  • Learn about local resources available to you
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Meet the Team

Health and Safety

The health and safety of families is priority at DBNC. Provincial health and safety guidelines are followed.

Effective cleaning and sanitizing are done regularly by identifying areas and items to be cleaned.

Shared items and high touch surfaces can be sources for spread of infection, we count on your partnership. Observing good Health and Safety practices is the responsibility of every member of the EarlyON community.

Thank you for your collaboration in keeping our shared space safe.

Covid-19 Resources:
Activities Guide: Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children from Infancy to Adolescence