When Seerat Sandha started her internship with the DBNC Employment Services department this summer, she couldn’t imagine what an impact her time would have on her.

“Seerat three months ago and Seerat today has a HUGE difference and it is thanks to [Silvia, Mujib, Theresa and Barbara]”, she told us in a heartfelt letter to her former manager, Barbara Janik. In her time with DBNC, Seerat gained the confidence to excel in her role as an Employment Services Officer. Some of the skills she developed include: building rapport with clients, listening, documentation, job search tools, and crafting effective resumes and cover letters. Seerat is especially proud of the knowledge she now has about available community resources within the Peel region.

“As a resident of Peel, and before this summer job, I was aware of very few resources, and this job has allowed me to expand on this list of community resources.”

Since 1988, DBNC’s mission has been to provide free and accessible services to our community. To see this in action through our amazing supporters, in particular youth, who champion our organization is a humbling reminder of why we work so hard.
We wish Seerat all the best in the next steps of her professional journey and can’t wait to see how she continues to make a difference in her community!

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