Welcome to our newly refreshed podcast! Formerly known as Roots & Resilience, DBNC is proud to present ELEVATE: A DBNC Leadership Podcast.

This month’s episode brings to you Deb & Darlene, two women who are actively involved with DBNC’s Seniors Tight-Knit Knitting Club. Deb and Darlene speak about the joys of community & connection; removing barriers for seniors; mental health; and stereotypes around ageism.

Darlene is a long-time Mississauga resident who has lived in this community for over 50 years. She loves to craft and enjoys knitting, quilting, and cross-stitching. Darlene is enjoying the company of her fellow knitting companions in the Tight-Knit Seniors’ Club project. Deborah is a resident of Mississauga by way of Montreal. She is a retired daycare provider who ran her own business for 32 years. She loves to knit as it keeps her focused and sharp. She teaches knitting both in-person and online and is one of the two facilitators at Tight-Knit.

For more information on the Tight-Knit Knitting Club for Seniors, get in touch with us!

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