DBNC’s annual Family Sponsorship Campaign aims to bring a little joy during the holidays for families who are newcomers and/or lower income. In 2021, 82 families were sponsored by our amazing supporters. Over 500 people had gifts donated to them by our caring donors. DBNC is proud that we can continue this amazing initiative.

All Families are Sponsored!! Thank you for all your support

How does the Family Sponsorship Campaign work?

You can select a family to sponsor, based on your capacity. The list of families and their wishlists can be found here .

Once you decide which family, or families, you would like to sponsor, let Prathi Pararajasingam ([email protected]) know. If the family is still available, she will let you know. If the family isn’t available, she will let you know which families are still available.

Once you have confirmed the family you are sponsoring, you have until 4:00 p.m. on November 30th to purchase and drop off the gifts.

How does DBNC prepare the list of families to sponsor?

We carefully select current DBNC clients, who are in need of extra help and financial support. We run a rigorous selection process of families who are lower income, and sometimes in need of the most basic necessities. 60 families is our capacity today as we’re not able to cover all of the families we work with. Our ultimate wishlist is to be able to sponsor everyone in the future!

How do I select a family?

It depends on your capacity to cover the needs of each families, and your choices. Please keep in mind that when selecting a family, you pledge to cover ALL of their wishlist.

Is there another way to help without sponsoring a family?

Of course! You can donate gently used and/or new items to DBNC’s newly launched Community Care Closet. The Community Care Closet is a free resource provided for the community to access items they need, including: baby food, diapers, formula, canned goods, feminine hygiene products, kitchenware, and clothing. Families usually visit it to select items they need.  

You can also donate to DBNC, to support our operations to keep running smoothly.