Domestic violence has significant long-term effects on not only adult victims but also on the children who witness violence. Children and youth who are exposed to violence experience emotional, physical, and social damage that can affect their developmental growth and sense of stability.

Children react to witnessing violence differently at different stages as a way of protecting themselves. For pre-schoolers, they may revert to habits of younger children like bed-wetting or thumb-sucking. Teens, may skip school, start fights and become bullies, use drugs, and alcohol, and engage in risky and aggressive behaviours.

The long-term effects are more concerning. Children and youth remain on edge and experience anxiety, feelings of guilt, powerlessness, shame, and develop self-esteem issues. Violence can also cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can cause changes to the brain and to the nervous system. This contributes to sleep disorders, irritability, anger, and difficulty concentrating. As children grow up, they may become depressed adults, with added health problems such as diabetes and obesity. There is also a high risk for adults to repeat abusive patterns in their own intimate relationships. 

It is possible for children to recover from witnessing violence in their homes. Although they may never forget, they can learn healthy ways to manage their emotions. We can also protect our children by making safety a priority and by providing victims with the necessary support to leave an abusive environment. Teach children healthy relationship dynamics and educate them about boundaries to prevent the cycle of domestic violence. 


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