What is an eating disorder? What is considered disordered eating? When does eating healthy become concerning? Emily Huynh, from NEDIC, and Ivana Grabez, from DBNC, share their insights and how to better understand when it is time to get help.

Emily Huynh is a professional Social Worker with experience providing one-on-one support and facilitating community education. She works as a direct client support worker on NEDIC’s helpline services, and as a Community Engagement Facilitator with their Outreach and Education team. When facilitating eating disorder prevention work, Emily aims to provide a space where audiences can explore how identity and the social determinants of health can impact people’s experiences with an eating disorder.

Ivana Grabez is a dentist and a business graduate from Oxford College. Ivana has worked as a Community Health Ambassador with DBNC’s Community Health Services team since 2020. She enjoys helping others and her interests are reading books, travelling, and listening to music. DBNC’s Community Health Services team provides a multitude of supports and services, including referrals and counselling, for newcomers, families, older adults, refugees, and individuals.

CW: please be advised that this episode contains discussions about eating disorders, symptoms of disordered eating, diagnoses, and weight trajectory.

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