Basketball Development Coordinator, Entrepreneur, and Author – Introducing JUSTIN ALLIMAN

Justin Alliman is a business specialist with experience in the professional basketball training industry, with several years as a key player on several teams ranging from university to professional basketball teams. He is a global basketball coordinator/pro coach. He is the founder/CEO of Dream Chaserzzz basketball.

Justin was the Former assistant coach for the Raptors 905-G league, was the coach for the Toronto raptor summer league. He also was the NBA Asia head coach and NBL Canada assistant coach. In addition to this, he has also supported and managed community involvement programs.

Justin stopped by Roots and Resilience to speak about the importance of chasing your dreams and why we need to honour Black History beyond the month of February. After all, in Justin’s own words, “Black History is World History. The history of Black people and the influence they have on the world, cannot be contained within 28 days.” We couldn’t agree more.

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