Oluyinka Oso is a multi-hyphenated Nigerian woman and mother of two young kids. She has over 8 years of professional experience in internal audit, risk and compliance in multinational firms in the U.S. and Canada. She holds two Master’s degrees in Business Administration, and Accounting.

Creatively, a huge part of her identity is tied to her passion for creative expression in various forms, including writing, design, food, and fashion. She enjoys writing poetry, children’s books, fiction, and nonfiction stories. She is a self-taught designer and a foodie with a passion for developing food recipes and preparing African-inspired dishes. Her love for fashion, greatly inspired by her late mom and country, led her to content creating through her style blog, Curated by Ynx, to share her love for vibrant colours and mixed prints, and inspire others to dress boldly and unapologetically.

In fostering community, she is the founder of Phoenynx Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in Nigeria in 2016, to help less privileged children by providing education and education related resources and tools. She also serves as a career mentor to other women.

Oluyinka stopped by the Roots & Resilience podcast to speak about her love for Nigeria and her work advocating for her homeland.
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